Onetime Colton Harris-Moore accomplice arrested after skipping prison work release

By Jackson Holtz
Herald Writer

EVERETT — Harley Davidson Ironwing, a former accomplice of the elusive teen fugitive Colton Harris-Moore, was arrested Monday in Everett after failing to return from a prison work release program.

Unlike Harris-Moore, who has evaded capture since April 2008 and is suspected of stealing planes, boats and cars all over the Pacific Northwest, Ironwing was on the lam for only six days, officials said.

Ironwing, 20, gained notoriety in early 2007 when Island County sheriff’s detectives were trying to solve a rash of burglaries on south Camano Island. His mug shot was featured on wanted posters along with Harris-Moore.

Harris-Moore, 18, was arrested in February 2007 and sentenced to three years behind bars. The teen escaped a Renton group home and now is a fugitive who has gained international notoriety. As Harris-Moore’s story spread across the Internet and cable news programs, Ironwing’s name resurfaced as Harris-Moore’s only known accomplice.

Ironwing turned himself into police in February 2007. He pleaded guilty to the Camano Island crimes and was ordered to serve up to 50 weeks in juvenile detention.

In late March 2008, Ironwing was arrested again, accused of breaking into a church safe in Stanwood during prayer services. He was sentenced to 33 months behind bars, this time in prison.

At the end of September, Ironwing was transferred from the Washington Corrections Center in Shelton to the Bishop Lewis Work Release program in Seattle, said Chad Lewis, a Department of Corrections spokesman.

Prisoners generally gain work release privileges through good behavior, Lewis said. The programs help prisoners by providing them with job skills and the opportunity for employment after their release.

A few weeks later, on Oct. 20, Ironwing left the program to go to a job interview but didn’t come back, Lewis said.

Everett police on Monday arrested Ironwing at the Everett Mall. They booked him into the Snohomish County Jail on a shoplifting charge.

Now, the prisoner will face a hearing to determine the ramifications of his escape, Lewis said. He could face additional felony charges which likely would extend his prison sentence.

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